Even if you've rented vacations homes before - please read our Notes. Our homes are private homes actively used by their owners so things may be a little different from rental homes that are income properties. Thanks for understanding.

A Few Notes About Renting A Private House

We thank you for your interest in renting a vacation home through us. Most owners rent their house out, not because they have to, but because they choose to. By taking good care of the home you rent, you ensure a good experience for the owner and provide incentive for them to continue renting out their home.

Some things we would like to clarify.

  • Most homeowners do not take credit cards.
  • All homes have a deposit of at least 30%. It is a reservation and security deposit which is cashed and returned after the rental. When you send in the fee - you send in the entire fee - you do not take the deposit out as a partial payment.
  • Fee is due ten days prior to the start of the rental.
  • Cancellation policies vary with each house. Please make sure you clearly understand the policy for the house you rent.
  • There is a cleaning fee for each house that is left at the house in cash - but you are still expected to leave the house as you found it and follow the departure rules left at the house. If the cleaning fee doesn't cover the time needed to put the house back in the condition in which you found it - you will be charged extra and it will come out of your security deposit.
  • Many of our homeowners are dog owners, and allow dogs with their rentals. Cleaning staff have been instructed to pay particular attention to removal of dog hair, but we cannot guarantee we'll get every one. If anyone in your party is allergic to pets, please take this into consideration when choosing the home you would like to rent.
  • Not all of our homes accept dogs - if they do it is clearly stated in the profile and there will be a dog paw icon on their listing.
  • Cell phone service is very spotty and not guaranteed at any home. Homes have phone access restricted to local calling. All homes require that you use a calling card for all your long distance calls.

Each house has a list of instructions from the owner to make sure your stay is pleasant. Here are some general highlights:

We recycle here!! Please read house notes.

Never in the house or any enclosed porch. If you smoke outside, please dispose of butts properly and do not flick around the property.

Bringing Your Dog?
We love pets! Most of our owners have dogs themselves, so ask if anyone in your group has allergies. If you do bring a dog chances are we'll discuss it with you but here are some rules.

  • Dogs must have had a flea/tick treatment at least three days but not more than thirty days prior to their arrival at the house.
  • All feces must be picked up and disposed of - not by throwing into the leaves but in a bag and in the trash inside the larger garbage bag.
  • Keep your pet off the furniture. If your dog is used to sleeping with you, please bring a throw so it doesn't dirty the comforter or linens.
  • You know your pet best, but we prefer dogs be kenneled when left alone in the house. It gives them comfort and us as well.
  • Don't let them eat things outside. We've had a dog get severely ill from eating mushrooms growing in the lawn.
  • Don't let them out alone, especially at night. There are coyotes, bear, porcupines and skunks here. It is the mountains after all.
  • Guests are never allowed to bring their pet cats in to a rental home. We love cats too but we are unable to ensure future guests won't have an allergic reaction.
  • Last, but not least... Watch your dog(s), especially the first half hour in the house, as they explore all the smells. We understand accidents happen, and if they do please clean properly. Do not just wipe up, clean with white vinegar, or soapy water or rug cleaner. The smells left behind are a strong incentive for the next visiting canine to mark their territory. It doesn't take this happening too often before owners will change their minds about allowed dogs in their homes.

Country Clean
It's a fact - this is the country, and there are spiders, flies, mice even ladybugs in every home to varying degrees. While you may never actually see a mouse, you may see signs of them. It's a fact of life in the country.

Winter Rentals
All our homes have snow plowing contracted for, but it may take a few hours for the service to get to your house. Town roads are generally well maintained. Many of our homes are desireable because they are privately situated. This can mean a steep road or driveway leading to it. Your car is your responsibility and driving it in the winter conditions is not something we can really help you with. We always recommend 4 wheel drive and snow tires for winter driving.

Driveways often get icy, even completely iced over. It is common around here, as snow melts it travels down the driveway. Cold night air freezes it. Sprinkling cinders from the woodstove on the driveway is a great help, but again it is a fact of life in the country.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this - please forward a link to this page to the others in your group. Thank you.

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